The Capital EDC Economic Development Company was created for people that need operational help and assistance as private companies and as public organizations. Text Patrick Marshall, our Business and Economic Developer at +1 (250) 507-4500 with your name and a time convenient to discuss your options.

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The Capital EDC Economic Development Company was created for people that need operational help and assistance as private companies and as public organizations. Patrick Marshall is the consulting economic developer that seeks customers that want tangible results from visible processes.  He has a number of skill sets that can assist you in getting the results that studies,
strategies and documents promise.

Patrick Marshall was selected as “British Columbia’s Economic Developer of the year 2007″
by his peers at the Economic Developers Association of British Columbia, an adjudicated process.

“Patrick is a very good communicator who strives to find a successful result for all involved. He believes in fully understanding an issue before seeking solutions and is a fantastic collaborator. His key strength is the breadth of his list of contacts and his ability to find linkages and common interests among a variety of stakeholders. Patrick is trustworthy beyond reproach and works well independently.”
David Lewis, former Executive Director for the British Columbia Truck Loggers Association hired Patrick Nelson Marshall to Chair and Project manager the British Columbia Forest Industry Workforce Initiative in 2012. Vancouver, British Columbia CANADA

“Patrick understands the values and diverse opinions within a community and can show the differences to the audience, and help bring a consensus opinion to the table. The detail is incredible and accurate.”
Glen Bonderud, former Chair of the Board of Directors for the Sechelt Community Investment Corporation and the Sunshine Coast Community Forest engaged Patrick Nelson Marshall to facilitate and construct a corporate strategy that supported and demonstrated tis non-government organizations corporate values in 2010. Sechelt, British Columbia CANADA

“Patrick has demonstrated commitment and passion for the Small Business client in BC. It’s been energizing meeting, planning and working with Patrick. His enthusiasm and immediate call to action attitude is refreshing for the Lower Vancouver Island Business Community. I hope to continue working with Patrick in the future.”
John Juricic, former Chair of the Board of Directors for the Greater Victoria Development Authority, in 2011 Victoria, British Columbia CANADA.

“I would highly recommend Patrick for demanding projects like this, which involve leadership and coordination of several different organizations whose interests are not always aligned. Patrick demonstrated the resourcefulness, creativity and hard work to succeed each year. Not only did the participating companies come to an agreement, they also came away with very good business results.”
David Fissel, former advisor to the Minister of Industry for Canada was Patrick Nelson Marshall’s client at Ocean Initiatives British Columbia 2012. Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

“I have come to know Patrick Marshall over the past year through my work on the Victoria International Marina project. Patrick has assisted us on numerous occasions, acting variously as MC for public events, coordinator of industry functions, media liaison, facilitator of key introductions, and a considerate and discreet sounding board. He is a consummate professional, attending to details at every step to ensure success. He is clearly passionate about his work, giving his time and attention well beyond the ‘call of duty’. Based on my experience with Patrick Marshall since I met him, I would gladly recommend him prospective clients or companies.”
Lachlan MacLean, General Manager - Marina Operations, WAM Development Group, owners of the Victoria International Marina, working with Patrick Nelson Marshall while CEO at OCEAN Industries BC 2007-2009 Victoria, British Columbia, CANADA

“Energetic, efficient, and engaging. Patrick is spirited and enthusiastic about his work in the Economic Development field. He provided excellent business intelligence to me that assisted in my going forward in my consultation practice. He was timely, informative, and accurate in the advice he offered. I would not hesitate to recommend his professional service to any who asked, or that I thought would benefit from it.”
John MacArthur, CHRP, Executive Search Consultant, MacArthur Park Group, was with another company when working with Patrick Nelson Marshall, General Manager and Principle Economic Developer at the Campbell River EDC Economic Development Corporation | Rivercorp 2000-2007. Campbell River, Vancouver Island, British Columbia, CANADA

“Patrick is a well organized, thoughtful and respectful person who is highly skilled at coordination of complex and time sensitive activities. His work as the head of our mayors delegation to Norway was superlative. His attention to the tiniest of details combined with his ability to match needs and priorities up with the very best fit made this mission one to remember. I would not hesitate to recommend Patrick for this and many other tasks in the future.”
MaryEllen Walling, Chief Executive Officer, British Columbia Salmon Farmers Association, was Patrick Nelson Marshall’s client 2005-Present Campbell River, British Columbia Canada