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West Coast Ship Building and Repair Forum
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Code of Ethics

While I am not currently a Member of the Economic Developers Association of Canada, I do subscribe to the following Code of Ethics:

Economic Development practitioners are dedicated to providing competent and ethical service to the communities they serve in the field of economic and community development. They strive to provide accurate and reliable information to the business community. They are committed to the economic, social and environmental well being of the community by the promotion of development initiatives in keeping with these principles.

EDAC members are dedicated to the promotion of high professional and ethical standards in all their activities as Economic Development professionals. In striving to obtain the ideals of high professional ethical standards EDAC members obligate themselves to the following principles.

  • A member will carry out all activities in a manner which will maintain the good reputation of the profession and it’s ability to serve the public interest.
  • A member will ensure that the level of professional services they provide is competent and in keeping with the high level of standards set out by the Association by continuing study of the Profession’s developments and innovations.The member will endeavour to perfect themselves in their chosen occupation to the best of their ability as an opportunity to serve our collective society.
  • A member will maintain the spirit of fairness in competition and help eradicate all forms of deception that violate that spirit.
  • A member will hold themselves free of any interest, influence or relationship in respect to any professional activity when dealing with clients which could impair professional judgement or objectivity or which in The reasonable view of the observer, has that effect.
  • A member has the duty to keep in confidence the affairs of any client, colleague or organization and shall not disclose confidential information obtained in the course of professional activities. Nor shall a member in any way exploit information obtained in the course of duties to their own advantage.
  • A member shall conduct their activities on a high ethical plane so that others emulating by example will help to raise the standards of conduct in industrial, business and economic and community development.
  • A member will endeavour to continuously raise the standards of the profession by conducting and sharing research developments and methodology.
  • A member shall treat all other members with respect and consideration due between professional colleagues.
  • A member has the responsibility to exemplify good citizenship in appreciation of the fact that the strength of the nation depends upon the calibre of it’s individual citizens. members will abide by the principles laid out in the “Code of Ethics” for the association, and will comply to all By-Laws, regulations, resolutions, and rules of professional conduct of the Association.

We Provide Value to Customers

A private economic development company will benefit customers, their taxpayers, businesses, and their shareholders by:

  • Reversing the current negative growth trend that has resulted in the decline of new investment and the elimination of employment opportunities.
  • Supporting the development of a new and positive business climate that is able to capture the imagination of residents and investors alike;
  • Providing focus by separating the development and business services from the municipal function of making rules and enforcing laws and reducing the inherent conflict this creates;
  • Providing a rapid business response service that can meet the demands of an economy and business that changes instantly and cycles every 36 months;
  • Having access to or being able to identify sources of venture capital for investment in industrial parks, facilities, airports, marine infrastructure and manufacturing facilities;
  • Communicating and measuring the progress of a vision that has widely published goals, objectives and time lines that are unimpeded by process;
  • Focusing on long term impact plans, free from short term political and administrative processes;
  • Being strictly accountable to the customers through a system of visible reporting and communications vehicles that are not buried in the budget processes;
  • Ensuring that established and successful business people from the community at-large direct development targets and actions.

Answers to Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

This is a Big Blue Ocean Idea
Other Economic Development operations are collapsing because they are founded on out of date principles. Patrick Nelson Marshall has captured the essential elements of connecting structures to communities and is willing to share his expertise.

Capital EDC is based in Victoria British Columbia so that you have quick and easy access to regulators, lenders and other services.

Scarce Resources
Patrick Marshall has experience working at the local level without large resources and gets the job done.

You matter
Patrick Marshall is curious about you. He will ask many seemingly personal questions so that understands your boundaries and how far he can push you to get the results you say you want. He actually cares about what you think, your experience and your opinion.

We have people
In 30 years of service, Patrick Marshall has developed an extensive network of characters, retirees, people in place, professionals, mavens and rookies that will do just about anything to get you where you need to be.

We Volunteer
We practise what we preach. Capital EDC takes on pro-bono work for each of the categories we rate in the community context. Just ask us for a copy of our current Blueplanet Values, we would be pleased to share our values with you.

We are Responsible
If we have made a mistake, we need to know so that we can make it right.

Service Second to None
Servitium Nulles Secondus. If you are not happy with what we have delivered, you need to tell us as soon as possible so that we can correct and complete with your full satisfaction.

We Work Hard
Nil Sin Labor – Northing without labor.

Truth Conquers
The final words are part of our DNA. The Keith Clan declares “Veritas Vincit”. We believe in being patient, responsive, and calm during challenges so that we can respond rather than react. Our customers demand this of us as they are the ones reacting. It’s our job to respond with effective measures during crisis and transitional periods in a community life cycle.

Answers to 10 Top Objections to Engaging a Business and Economic Developer

I don’t have the time or patience for Voo-doo

Having a third party listen to what the constituents say they want helps strip away old baggage and reveals simple steps to take a community forward.

I’ve heard it all before

Having fresh eyes on a problem will bring new light to paths that provide simple solutions.

I don’t believe in economic development, that’s what the Chamber of Commerce is for.

Chambers work on behalf of a paid membership, not on behalf of the community.

Economic Development is not a “Core” function of Municipal Government.

Listening and responding to the Taxpayer and helping them understand the value of community is the prime mandate of local governments. Few practise this other than the month before elections when politicians go door to door.

Aboriginal Communities Demand Rights and Title

Aboriginal People demand respect and will get it by demonstrating the values of their community in ways that non-members will understand. It is a matter of sharing aboriginal commonwealth with other cultures and residents of the bigger community.

What Does Economic Development have to do with Health and Education?

Demonstrating the value of community in these super regional structures helps organizations recruit new workers, diffuse low self-esteem, and builds confidence in the aims of the organization.

We are the fastest growing community, we don’t need Economic Development

You will when the current cycle collapses. Economic Development is essential to successful communities in the same way your auto service centre provides a visual courtesy checklist every time you go in for service. It identifies “No immediate attention”, “May require Attention”, and “Immediate Attention”.

We have a five year plan and don’t need anything else.

US Census Bureau, confirmed by leading authorities demonstrate the current business cycles have been reduced to 36 months in the USA and 48 months in Canada. You need something more responsive and results oriented to stay on top of your cycle.

We don’t need a new Governance Model

There are no “Models”. You are either an operating model that wastes scarce human resources while dabbling, or you are a Results Governance Board that volunteers valuable skills sets that your CEO can deploy from time to time.

The Take Away

Capital EDC Economic Development Company and Patrick Nelson Marshall have teamed up to provide you with simple products and services designed to reconnect you to the community. We measure, Assess, recommend, manage and communicate how you are doing on the plans that taxpayers, Members and Shareholders have asked from you.

Interpretive Beliefs

Local and senior governments are under extreme pressure to eliminate discretionary spending, other than their core services. In the case of municipalities, their core services are sanitary sewage treatment, provision of water and community policing. In the case of senior government, health, education and defense.

We believe that the structures of government are broken as if they were a spine in need of correction. Taxpayers are totally disconnected from those they elect and the people that the elected appoint to operate the structures.

We also believe that the Capital EDC Economic Development Company has “Big” ideas that are needed to realign structures with their communities. These ideas are not radical, but rather an introversion of the existing state of communities.

It is our belief that there is an as yet untapped market for economic development products and services on a retained basis, located in Metro Victoria, to be close to senior governments and corporations.

It is also our belief that technological progress that is internet based is happening so quickly, that most local governments cannot keep up and therefore require out sourced assistance.

We have also seen evidence that political leadership in government are willing to steer, rather than row and are responsive to industry led advances. That is to say that government is no longer able to afford to be all things to all people.

Value Propositions

We listen to organization leaders attentively;

We reflect the nature of their perceived problem;

We talk with other people involved in the process, both internally and externally;

We prepare a presentation on what other organizations have done to address barriers to business and produce results; I give the customer an opportunity to choose to implement the solutions or engage me to implement the solutions; and;

We give extra service by providing a free maintenance review in 90 days and on a pre-arranged schedule of quarterly meetings on a set fee plus cost basis.

We are able to cut through busy work that often bogs down economic developers and focus on the resources and activities required to close a deal or secure a positive decision.

We restore the connection between structures and community. We work for the taxpayer and help them understand the value of community. We also work for shareholders and help them mark the progress of their investments.

Consulting Services

There are approximately 60 consultants registered with the provincial economic development association. The majority provide project management services related to primary and secondary research, and some business development services. In many cases, economic development services are secondary to the provision of other core business services such as accounting and advocacy.

Capital EDC will enter into a campaign to enlist what appear to be compet5itors, as collaborators, providing support and back up where needed. This means providing advantageous prices, reseller agreements and agency discounts to a number of firms. The firm names and individuals will be listed as People with an Affinity to Capital EDC. The more registered on Capital EDC’s web site, the more successful, creating a community of Capital EDC contacts in a similar way to Linkedin. In fact, Capital EDC has establish a closed circuit community on Linkedin.

Development Agency Mandate

The following are different structural forms of Economic Development that exist in the market, requiring different skill sets and levels of service which will be addressed by Capital EDC:

Crisis Response – Sole purpose organization with no distractions.

Initiating Local Development – Preparatory work to determining the best approach for the context.

Business Interface – Investor facing and business like approach outside Municipal Hall.

Special Zone Unserved District – multiple jurisdictions, subject oriented.

Aggregator – Capable of integrating inputs from private and public sectors.

Positioning and Promotion – Outward facing suited to Investment and Destination Management

Flexibility – Able to reassign skilled resources to short term issues.

Sole Focus – One project, one result, one timeline.

Leverage – Additional tools, incentives, investment, asset management and interventions not available to local government.

Transparency – Delivery of financial assistance and incentives in a visible and result oriented way.

Risk and Cost Sharing – across a range of parties

How We Work

The process always begins by asking those people that are supposed to benefit from the process, what they think they need and why they think they need it. Then we look to comparable contexts, survey groups or people, interview others, develop a scan of the circumstance at a given time, and provide an opinion to our customer. We have the tools to conduct this work on your behalf.
Sometimes, customers choose not to proceed until circumstances change. Other times, we are engaged to help the process along. In either case, I am in a position to provide:

  • one-off support at an hourly rate determined before we undertake the work;
  • sign on as part of a team of subject matter experts brought together to fulfill the service;
  • refer customers to other subject matter experts to undertake the work;
  • be retained on a monthly basis at a lower rate to project manage solutions;
  • or other customized arrangements to suit your needs.


Capital EDC works for people that want to reconnect to their tax payers and share holders in simple, meaningful ways, that help people understand the Value of Community.


Capital EDC Economic Development Company is known equally among aboriginal, local government and the business community for life changing services that direct the course of human endeavor in positive, productive and results oriented ways.


Capital EDC exists to provide simple and direct economic development products and services to government and business that benefit tax payers and share holders by demonstrating the value of community.


There are no professional economic developers providing retained services to be on-call for fellow economic developers or for their employers. Having someone on call to back up on initiatives, plans and programs or for the provision of a second tactical opinion is something that the Founder of Capital EDC would have appreciated during his time as an employee.

This will involve monthly retainers supplemented with hourly or weekly charges depending on the nature of support, provided from a distance. As an example, the Mayor of a community on Vancouver Island has requested support from Capital #EDC to schedule appointments for the Municipal Administrator, twice annually, and ensure that the Administrator gets access to the people in Provincial Government responsible for a number of active files in the community.


The downturn in the economy challenged many community society’s ability to retain full time staff. Memberships are considered discretionary expenditures so many organizations needed to lay off their staff and reduce expenditures.

The Founder of Capital EDC has approached a number of societies to determine if they are willing and able to collaborate at one location. The benefits of sharing bookkeeper, Membership support, web support and other basic services will benefit each group individually.

Capital EDC will seek opportunities to earn revenues from the provision of service to Member and from other contract opportunities and seek a monthly retainer where possible.


The following is a list of roles that Capital EDC is prepared to play on a fee based service for customers:

Leadership Roles – providing an independent forum for vision, plan and implementation.

Governance and Coordination Roles – overcoming fragmented multiple jurisdictional context.

Implementation Roles – assembly and deployment of skilled resources for short term results.

Strategic Roles – fostering coalitions and targeted efforts.

Asset and Investment Roles – Land and property development.

Innovation, Enterprise, Skills and Employment Roles – Technology applications and workforce development.

Promotional Roles – Marketing and Channel development and convergence.

Capacity Building Roles – Sectoral and cluster development

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