British Columbia selects Patrick Marshall & Capital EDC as Qualified Supplier in 2012

Patrick Nelson Marshall Economic DeveloperProvince of British Columbia, Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation Ref: 65256 February 10,2012
The Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation has completed its evaluation process and has determined that the following consultant in your company is eligible for placement on the eligibility list as a Qualified Supplier:
Consultant: Service Areas:
Patrick Nelson Marshall
Business Analysis and Project Management.
The Province may, in its sole discretion, from time to time, use the List of Qualified Suppliers in connection with projects or assignments. The criteria for selecting Qualified Suppliers for each project or task will vary, depending upon the requirements of the applicable project or task and could involve requiring a Consultant to have a certain demonstrated experience and proficiency level in one or more Service Areas depending on the specific requirements of the project or assignment.

Qualified Suppliers may be contacted on an “as, if and when requested” basis and may be contacted directly or asked to compete on opp011unities for the provision of the services in accordance with the selection method set out in paragraph 5.1.5 of the RFQ or as revised by the Province and communicated to all Qualified Suppliers from time to time.
Again, thank you for taking the time and effort to apply for this RFQ.
A .S
Amy Schneider
A/Executive Director
Ministry of Jobs, Tourism and Innovation
Regional Economic Policy and Projects

Association of Vancouver Island and Coastal Communities Executive

Coastal Community NetworkNetwork Co-Chair Tony Bennett [Area Director Port Albion, Alberni Clayoquot] and Ken Mcrae [ former Mayor Port Alberni] joined Patrick Marshall, Capital EDC as a delegation to the AVICC Executive Chaired by Joe Stanhope [Chair, Nanaimo Regional District]. The purpose of the delegation was to inform the Executive of plans to restructure the Network to serve local and aboriginal governments more effectively.

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Offshore Technology Show Houston 2011Ocean Technology

Ocean Initiatives British ColumbiaIt was another raging success for British Columbia based Ocean Initiatives BC subscribers that exhibited at the worlds largest Offshore Technology Show in Houston. In the British Columbia exhibit, coordinated for OIBC by Capital EDC Economic Development Company, we had representatives of:

ASL Environmental Sciences Ltd.
Ausenco Canada Inc.
Autoship Inc.
Axys Technologies Inc.
Corvus Energy
Jastram Technologies Inc.
Manly Closures Ltd.
Ocean Networks Canada
Pacific Rim Engineered Products
Robert Allan Naval Architects
Seabridge Marine Services Ltd.

Ken Watson and Blueplanet

My conversations with leaders in the Alberni Clayoquot region started with Mayor Fraser of Tofino. I thought that Tofino would be a great place to demonstrate Blueplanet as a brand that makes sense for communities facing challenges on the coast. That led to offering it to the Alberni Clayoquot Regional District. I though even better, having Blueplanet field tested in the home of the war on the woods. Well, the Board has other priorities for the year, so I turned to Ken Watson, the Chief Administrative Officer for the City of Port Alberni.

I have found the elected representatives and staff of the communities in this region, to be some of the most progressive. The Regional District, while urban and rural Directors may not always agree, works together well. Mr. Watson was gracious, however, needed more time to orient his work plan to allow for the emergence of a sustainability plan.

So I still seek an appropriate community, business and government with which to develop the Blueplanet Brand and Programs.

Community Forest President Bob Sitter

Capital EDC Economic Development CompanyFollowing some changes at the Sunshine Community Forest Corporation which saw Glen Bonderud assume the Chair of the Board and Bob Sitter assume the Presidency of this community owned organization, I was given the opportunity to meet with Bob at his home in West Vancouver. I have been working on a recruitment strategy that the Community Forest can use to engage prospective investors in wood for the Sunshine Coast.

This time, in order to reduce my carbon footprint I took public transit from my house at the foot of Mt. Douglas in Victoria to the Sitter residence in West Vancouver. It took about the same time as taking a vehicle. Bob met me at the door of this green building that probably blows all lead gold standards away. The only thing missing was goats on the roof, but I think that’s some other places brand.

I learned a lot from Bob that day about simplicity, respect for the forest and the community and his perspective on what constitutes a suitable benefit to the community. He was a consummate host and I continue to enjoy working with him on this project. I set aside the 100 page deliverable and replaced it with a 5 pager. That’s simplicity.

Jim Abram, Craig Anderson & the Strathcona RD

Capital EDC Economic Development CompanyFrom time to time I get requests that on the face of them, seem reasonable. Like driving for 8 hours in a day for a 10 minute delegation opportunity. Such was the case this day.

I have developed a technical team for local governments participating in the PNCIMA process that involves four distinct professionals: an economic developer, a resource manager, an economist and a registered professional biologist. The concept is to have the team visit every community in the subject region, half the size of Norway, at least four times, to receive information, shape it, cross reference it and link it together such that local government and other communities clearly demonstrate their governance of local resources.

Jim Abram, Electoral Area Director is the designated Member of the PNCIMA table. Fortunately for me, he was in attendance. He expressed his concern that there not be a big “administration” built around the proposal. I responded by saying that local government needs a team for a short period to build the platform that all can work across, then you disband the team. Craig Anderson, Chairman of the Board and Mayor of Gold River presided over the meeting. I had great questions from other Directors and the resolution to support the proposal was approved.  I needed this one to warrant support at the UBCM and Coast Sustainability Trust, as well as four more from the participating Regional Districts.

His Worship Mayor Mcrae

Capital EDC Economic Development CompanyA couple of months ago I double booked myself and was unable to meet the Mayors Breakfast in Port Alberni. Fortunately for me, a second chance arose with a cancellation and I jumped at the chance. These don’t come along very often. I presented the Port Alberni version of “Transit Riders Guide to Economic Development” and my update on the progress for the Coastal Community Network. Mayor Mcrae was not in attendance, however, I have really appreciated his personal attention to the progress I am making here at Capital EDC. I recently met one of his extended family in Gold River. He has tonnes of people with his partner “Dolly” across the coast.

I took a little extra time to meet with Pat Deakin and Ken Watson to demonstrate the value of the Blueplanet Sustainability Program and how we can build a sustainability plan and maintenance program from nothing. I hope Port Alberni is one of our Beta communities, but as always, its subject to funding.

Excellent business intelligence

John Mcarthur is a Canadian Human Resources Professional“Energetic, efficient, and engaging. Patrick is spirited and enthusiastic about his work in the Economic Development field. He provided excellent business intelligence to me that assisted in my going forward in my consultation practice. He was timely, informative, and accurate in the advice he offered. I would not hesitate to recommend his professional service to any who asked, or that I thought would benefit from it.” John MacArthur, CHRP, Consultant, MacArthur Park Group, was with another company when working with Patrick at CAMPBELL RIVER Economic Development Corporation | Rivercorp

Very strong ability to bring disparate interests

Bng Giraud is a leader with the Association of Mineral Exploration in British Columbia“Patrick is a committed individual who has a keen knack for identifying opportunities where others fail to. He also has a very strong ability to bring disparate interests and individuals together for common purpose. And on top of all that, he is always a positive individual and a pleasure to work with.” – Byng Giraud, Senior Director, Policy & Communications, Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia worked directly with Patrick at OCEAN Industries BC

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