There was a wild colonial boy….

As we move into St. Patrick’s Day in 2012, I want to acknowledge one of my elders that helped shape the way I look at communities. My grandfather Arthur William Nelson came to this country in the early part of the last century as an indentured farm hand near Madoc Ontario. It was his influence that gave me the name “Patrick” or “Paddy” as my cousins go by.

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Sechelt Chamber of Commerce

Patrick Nelson Marshall Economic DeveloperMany thanks to Chamber President Jim Cleghorn for the opportunity to share my “Transit Riders Guide to Economic Development” presentation with Chamber Members in Sechelt. The region is conducting a review of its economic development approach and I expressed interest in serving in support of the best Coast Initiatives and the four local governments, including the Sechelt Indian Band. I would offer my special thanks to Ms Shelley McDade that took time out of her busy schedule to inform me of my fathers accident. Her sensitivity to the situation was remarkable and I really appreciated the support from Shelley and the people of Sechelt on that really tough day.

We are a qualified supplier of rural community and rural regional economic development

Ministry of Community and Rural Development
Strategic Initiatives Office RuralBC Secretariat
Mailing Address:
PO Box 9853 Stn Prov Govt
Victoria BC V8W 9T5
Phone: 250 953-3008
Fax: 250 387-7972
4th Fl 800 Johnson St
Victoria BC
May 31, 2010
Patrick N. Marshall
Re: Request for Qualifications RFQ-RBCS-01
Thank you for your response to the above noted Request for Qualifications (RFQ). The Ministry of Community and Rural Development has completed its evaluation process and has determined that the following consultant(s) will be included on the List of Qualified Suppliers for the following Service Area(s):
Patrick N. Marshall: 2(a) – Rural community and/or rural regional economic development
These consultant(s) may now be contacted by the Province or Local Governments to compete or enter into Contract(s) for provision of services in the above Service Areas according to procedures described in the RFQ.
Again, thank you for your interest in this RFQ. We do appreciate the time and effort put into your response. If you have any questions regarding the evaluation process, please call me at (250) 953-3435, or contact me via e-mail at
Nicole Hillary
Policy and Program Analyst
Strategic Initiatives Office
Ministry of Community and Rural Development

Excellent business intelligence

John Mcarthur is a Canadian Human Resources Professional“Energetic, efficient, and engaging. Patrick is spirited and enthusiastic about his work in the Economic Development field. He provided excellent business intelligence to me that assisted in my going forward in my consultation practice. He was timely, informative, and accurate in the advice he offered. I would not hesitate to recommend his professional service to any who asked, or that I thought would benefit from it.” John MacArthur, CHRP, Consultant, MacArthur Park Group, was with another company when working with Patrick at CAMPBELL RIVER Economic Development Corporation | Rivercorp

Small Business in British Columbia

John Juricic is Founder and Business Development Enthusiast for Etraffic Solutions“Patrick has demonstrated commitment and passion for the Small Business client in BC. It’s been energizing meeting, planning and working with Patrick. His enthusiasm and immediate call to action attitude is refreshing for the Lower Vancouver Island Business Community. I hope to continue working with Patrick in the future.”  — John Juricic, Past Chair, Victoria Chamber of Commerce & Economic Development Agency

Chief Governance Officer at Small Business BC

Cybele Negris is an Influential Women in Business Vancouver British Columbia“Patrick is extremely dedicated and passionate in his role as Chair of Small Business BC. He goes above and beyond, is a consummate professional and true gentleman. He is a keen supporter of those around him and is always looking out for the needs of others. With his exceptional business and leadership experience and track record as a facilitator and problem-solver, any business or organization would be fortunate to have him as its leader.” — Cybele Negris, Vice Chair, Board of Directors, Small Business BC, Co-Founder

Synchronist App Innovation

Eric Canada is the Funder and Developer of Synchronist Software based in Illinois USA“Patrick gets it. Why do the work without taking the payout? Short-term gains (i.e. business retention program) are great, but Patrick looks for the bigger picture and the long-term potential. He asks the tough questions and isn’t afraid of taking a position or doing the work needed to change outcomes. As a result, he will always be ahead of his peers.” — Eric Canada, Chief Strategist, Blane, Canada Ltd., was with another company when working with Patrick at Campbell River Economic Development Corporation | Rivercorp

Chairman of the Board of Directors

Aly Karmali is a Leader at the Royal Bank of Canada in Vancouver British Columbia“Patrick has certainly proven to be a superb leader, mentor and coach! I have had the privilege to serve with Patrick as his Vice Chair on the board of Small Business BC and have seen firsthand his passion, drive & commitment in genuinely making a difference to enhance and grow Small Business in BC and beyond. I have personally benefited from his leadership and look forward to continue working with Patrick at every opportunity.” — Aly Karmali, Vice Chair & Director, Small Business British Columbia, Regional Manager RBC

OCEAN Industries BC's First CEO

David Fissel is the CEO of ASL Environmental Science Ltd. Sidney British Columbia

“I would highly recommend Patrick for demanding projects like this, which involve leadership and coordination of several different organizations who’s interests are not always aligned. Patrick demonstrated the resourcefulness, creativity and hard work to succeed each year. Not only did the participating companies come to an agreement, they also came away with very good business results.”  — David Fissel, CEO ASL Environmental Sciences Ltd. and Board Member OCEAN Industries British Columbia

Very strong ability to bring disparate interests

Bng Giraud is a leader with the Association of Mineral Exploration in British Columbia“Patrick is a committed individual who has a keen knack for identifying opportunities where others fail to. He also has a very strong ability to bring disparate interests and individuals together for common purpose. And on top of all that, he is always a positive individual and a pleasure to work with.” – Byng Giraud, Senior Director, Policy & Communications, Association for Mineral Exploration British Columbia worked directly with Patrick at OCEAN Industries BC

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