Has British Columbia become a Zombie economy

Bill Gates Cream PieIf you read through the article in the Atlantic and exchange the word resource for military institution, you might see British Columbia in a new light. Our biggest untracked export these days is intellectual property, mostly from small and medium Enterprise. No wonder the Metro communities are stymied for a rational strategy. All of this is so far under the radar they can’t access it as neatly as the BC Business Council for major employers. The problem here is that the people driving this economy are not association joiners. They are independent.

Synchronist App Innovation

Eric Canada is the Funder and Developer of Synchronist Software based in Illinois USA“Patrick gets it. Why do the work without taking the payout? Short-term gains (i.e. business retention program) are great, but Patrick looks for the bigger picture and the long-term potential. He asks the tough questions and isn’t afraid of taking a position or doing the work needed to change outcomes. As a result, he will always be ahead of his peers.” — Eric Canada, Chief Strategist, Blane, Canada Ltd., was with another company when working with Patrick at Campbell River Economic Development Corporation | Rivercorp

OCEAN Industries BC's First CEO

David Fissel is the CEO of ASL Environmental Science Ltd. Sidney British Columbia

“I would highly recommend Patrick for demanding projects like this, which involve leadership and coordination of several different organizations who’s interests are not always aligned. Patrick demonstrated the resourcefulness, creativity and hard work to succeed each year. Not only did the participating companies come to an agreement, they also came away with very good business results.”  — David Fissel, CEO ASL Environmental Sciences Ltd. and Board Member OCEAN Industries British Columbia

Facilitator of Key Introductions

Lachlan Maclean is a Marina Developer that resides in Vancouver BC“I have come to know Patrick Marshall over the past year through my work on the Victoria International Marina project. Patrick has assisted us on numerous occasions, acting variously as MC for public events, coordinator of industry functions, media liaison, facilitator of key introductions, and a considerate and discreet sounding board. He is a consummate professional, attending to details at every step to ensure success. He is clearly passionate about his work, giving his time and attention well beyond the ‘call of duty’. Based on my experience with Patrick Marshall since I met him, I would gladly recommend him prospective clients or companies. Lachlan MacLean”  — Lachlan MacLean, General Manager -Marina Operations, WAM Development Group, was with another company when working with Patrick at OCEAN Industries BC

Problem Solver with a Proven Track Record

Bud Harbidge is a Human Resource Specialist located in Victoria BC“Mr. Marshall is an energetic and passionate logistician, planner, economic developer and marketing professional with over 30 years experience in both the public and private sectors. A proven skilled problem-solver with a solid track record in developing and implementing solutions to multi-faceted challenges and turnaround situations. Skilled communicator with exceptional presentation skills and abilities to lead cross-functional teams and establish beneficial relationships with key players in the industry. A proactive leader & planner with expertise in strategic planning, market plan execution, pre-sales efforts with skills in staffing, management reorganization & targeted marketing. ”  – Bud Harbidge, Victoria BC HR Specialist

Success in Business Development

Shawn Jacobs is an Executive Search Specialist that resides in Victoria BC“OIBC engaged our retained services to source, select and place their CEO. Patrick was appointed to the position of CEO on the basis of his strategic mindset, his exceptional successes in business development and his skills in developing and aligning strategy to organizational goals. During the selection process, Patrick outshone a number of contenders for the position due to his expertise in market development and stakeholder relations. My client has expressed a very high regard for Patrick, particularly for the significant contribution he has made in the growth and market positioning of OIBC.” — Shawn Jacobs, Managing Partner & Owner, Jacobs Scott Ltd., Executive Search for OCEAN Industries British Columbia

Strategist and Tactician in Economic Development

SHelley McDade is the CEO at  Sunshine Coast Credit Union Sechelt, British Columbia“Patrick has a great deal of knowledge in the area of economic development at strategic and tactical levels. He has applied this knowledge successfully in various endeavors and does a good job of setting objectives and producing results. Patrick also excels at public presentations, building results oriented collaborative alliances and forming meaningful networks. All in all a seasoned professional that delivers.”  — Shelley McDade, Chief Executive Officer, Coastal Community Credit Union, Chair, Board of Directors, Campbell River Economic Development Corporation | Rivercorp