How We Work

The process always begins by asking those people that are supposed to benefit from the process, what they think they need and why they think they need it. Then we look to comparable contexts, survey groups or people, interview others, develop a scan of the circumstance at a given time, and provide an opinion to our customer. We have the tools to conduct this work on your behalf.
Sometimes, customers choose not to proceed until circumstances change. Other times, we are engaged to help the process along. In either case, I am in a position to provide:

  • one-off support at an hourly rate determined before we undertake the work;
  • sign on as part of a team of subject matter experts brought together to fulfill the service;
  • refer customers to other subject matter experts to undertake the work;
  • be retained on a monthly basis at a lower rate to project manage solutions;
  • or other customized arrangements to suit your needs.


Capital EDC works for people that want to reconnect to their tax payers and share holders in simple, meaningful ways, that help people understand the Value of Community.


Capital EDC Economic Development Company is known equally among aboriginal, local government and the business community for life changing services that direct the course of human endeavor in positive, productive and results oriented ways.


Capital EDC exists to provide simple and direct economic development products and services to government and business that benefit tax payers and share holders by demonstrating the value of community.


There are no professional economic developers providing retained services to be on-call for fellow economic developers or for their employers. Having someone on call to back up on initiatives, plans and programs or for the provision of a second tactical opinion is something that the Founder of Capital EDC would have appreciated during his time as an employee.

This will involve monthly retainers supplemented with hourly or weekly charges depending on the nature of support, provided from a distance. As an example, the Mayor of a community on Vancouver Island has requested support from Capital #EDC to schedule appointments for the Municipal Administrator, twice annually, and ensure that the Administrator gets access to the people in Provincial Government responsible for a number of active files in the community.


The downturn in the economy challenged many community society’s ability to retain full time staff. Memberships are considered discretionary expenditures so many organizations needed to lay off their staff and reduce expenditures.

The Founder of Capital EDC has approached a number of societies to determine if they are willing and able to collaborate at one location. The benefits of sharing bookkeeper, Membership support, web support and other basic services will benefit each group individually.

Capital EDC will seek opportunities to earn revenues from the provision of service to Member and from other contract opportunities and seek a monthly retainer where possible.


The following is a list of roles that Capital EDC is prepared to play on a fee based service for customers:

Leadership Roles – providing an independent forum for vision, plan and implementation.

Governance and Coordination Roles – overcoming fragmented multiple jurisdictional context.

Implementation Roles – assembly and deployment of skilled resources for short term results.

Strategic Roles – fostering coalitions and targeted efforts.

Asset and Investment Roles – Land and property development.

Innovation, Enterprise, Skills and Employment Roles – Technology applications and workforce development.

Promotional Roles – Marketing and Channel development and convergence.

Capacity Building Roles – Sectoral and cluster development