Development Agency Mandate

The following are different structural forms of Economic Development that exist in the market, requiring different skill sets and levels of service which will be addressed by Capital EDC:

Crisis Response – Sole purpose organization with no distractions.

Initiating Local Development – Preparatory work to determining the best approach for the context.

Business Interface – Investor facing and business like approach outside Municipal Hall.

Special Zone Unserved District – multiple jurisdictions, subject oriented.

Aggregator – Capable of integrating inputs from private and public sectors.

Positioning and Promotion – Outward facing suited to Investment and Destination Management

Flexibility – Able to reassign skilled resources to short term issues.

Sole Focus – One project, one result, one timeline.

Leverage – Additional tools, incentives, investment, asset management and interventions not available to local government.

Transparency – Delivery of financial assistance and incentives in a visible and result oriented way.

Risk and Cost Sharing – across a range of parties