Interpretive Beliefs

Local and senior governments are under extreme pressure to eliminate discretionary spending, other than their core services. In the case of municipalities, their core services are sanitary sewage treatment, provision of water and community policing. In the case of senior government, health, education and defense.

We believe that the structures of government are broken as if they were a spine in need of correction. Taxpayers are totally disconnected from those they elect and the people that the elected appoint to operate the structures.

We also believe that the Capital EDC Economic Development Company has “Big” ideas that are needed to realign structures with their communities. These ideas are not radical, but rather an introversion of the existing state of communities.

It is our belief that there is an as yet untapped market for economic development products and services on a retained basis, located in Metro Victoria, to be close to senior governments and corporations.

It is also our belief that technological progress that is internet based is happening so quickly, that most local governments cannot keep up and therefore require out sourced assistance.

We have also seen evidence that political leadership in government are willing to steer, rather than row and are responsive to industry led advances. That is to say that government is no longer able to afford to be all things to all people.