Answers to 10 Top Objections to Engaging a Business and Economic Developer

I don’t have the time or patience for Voo-doo

Having a third party listen to what the constituents say they want helps strip away old baggage and reveals simple steps to take a community forward.

I’ve heard it all before

Having fresh eyes on a problem will bring new light to paths that provide simple solutions.

I don’t believe in economic development, that’s what the Chamber of Commerce is for.

Chambers work on behalf of a paid membership, not on behalf of the community.

Economic Development is not a “Core” function of Municipal Government.

Listening and responding to the Taxpayer and helping them understand the value of community is the prime mandate of local governments. Few practise this other than the month before elections when politicians go door to door.

Aboriginal Communities Demand Rights and Title

Aboriginal People demand respect and will get it by demonstrating the values of their community in ways that non-members will understand. It is a matter of sharing aboriginal commonwealth with other cultures and residents of the bigger community.

What Does Economic Development have to do with Health and Education?

Demonstrating the value of community in these super regional structures helps organizations recruit new workers, diffuse low self-esteem, and builds confidence in the aims of the organization.

We are the fastest growing community, we don’t need Economic Development

You will when the current cycle collapses. Economic Development is essential to successful communities in the same way your auto service centre provides a visual courtesy checklist every time you go in for service. It identifies “No immediate attention”, “May require Attention”, and “Immediate Attention”.

We have a five year plan and don’t need anything else.

US Census Bureau, confirmed by leading authorities demonstrate the current business cycles have been reduced to 36 months in the USA and 48 months in Canada. You need something more responsive and results oriented to stay on top of your cycle.

We don’t need a new Governance Model

There are no “Models”. You are either an operating model that wastes scarce human resources while dabbling, or you are a Results Governance Board that volunteers valuable skills sets that your CEO can deploy from time to time.

The Take Away

Capital EDC Economic Development Company and Patrick Nelson Marshall have teamed up to provide you with simple products and services designed to reconnect you to the community. We measure, Assess, recommend, manage and communicate how you are doing on the plans that taxpayers, Members and Shareholders have asked from you.