Answers to Top 10 Frequently Asked Questions

This is a Big Blue Ocean Idea
Other Economic Development operations are collapsing because they are founded on out of date principles. Patrick Nelson Marshall has captured the essential elements of connecting structures to communities and is willing to share his expertise.

Capital EDC is based in Victoria British Columbia so that you have quick and easy access to regulators, lenders and other services.

Scarce Resources
Patrick Marshall has experience working at the local level without large resources and gets the job done.

You matter
Patrick Marshall is curious about you. He will ask many seemingly personal questions so that understands your boundaries and how far he can push you to get the results you say you want. He actually cares about what you think, your experience and your opinion.

We have people
In 30 years of service, Patrick Marshall has developed an extensive network of characters, retirees, people in place, professionals, mavens and rookies that will do just about anything to get you where you need to be.

We Volunteer
We practise what we preach. Capital EDC takes on pro-bono work for each of the categories we rate in the community context. Just ask us for a copy of our current Blueplanet Values, we would be pleased to share our values with you.

We are Responsible
If we have made a mistake, we need to know so that we can make it right.

Service Second to None
Servitium Nulles Secondus. If you are not happy with what we have delivered, you need to tell us as soon as possible so that we can correct and complete with your full satisfaction.

We Work Hard
Nil Sin Labor – Northing without labor.

Truth Conquers
The final words are part of our DNA. The Keith Clan declares “Veritas Vincit”. We believe in being patient, responsive, and calm during challenges so that we can respond rather than react. Our customers demand this of us as they are the ones reacting. It’s our job to respond with effective measures during crisis and transitional periods in a community life cycle.