We Provide Value to Customers

A private economic development company will benefit customers, their taxpayers, businesses, and their shareholders by:

  • Reversing the current negative growth trend that has resulted in the decline of new investment and the elimination of employment opportunities.
  • Supporting the development of a new and positive business climate that is able to capture the imagination of residents and investors alike;
  • Providing focus by separating the development and business services from the municipal function of making rules and enforcing laws and reducing the inherent conflict this creates;
  • Providing a rapid business response service that can meet the demands of an economy and business that changes instantly and cycles every 36 months;
  • Having access to or being able to identify sources of venture capital for investment in industrial parks, facilities, airports, marine infrastructure and manufacturing facilities;
  • Communicating and measuring the progress of a vision that has widely published goals, objectives and time lines that are unimpeded by process;
  • Focusing on long term impact plans, free from short term political and administrative processes;
  • Being strictly accountable to the customers through a system of visible reporting and communications vehicles that are not buried in the budget processes;
  • Ensuring that established and successful business people from the community at-large direct development targets and actions.