Mayor’s Task Force on Economic Development for the District of Sechelt

Mayor’s Task Force

Nature of the Projects: The Major of Sechelt struck a Task Force to look into the feasibility of engaging in full-time economic development. The Regional District was also looking at the prospects of engaging in the same pursuit. An existing community group was lobbying government for support of its economic development function.

Scope: Patrick Marshall was working for the Sechelt Community Projects Inc. organization on an economic diversification project and had the opportunity to provide an independent opinion and assessment for the Mayor’s Task Force. He prepared a presentation and provided a written assessment of the opportunities and approaches available to the municipality. The administrators from each of the organizations in the region collaborated on a report to their respective leadership outlining what a regional approach would look like. Capital EDC advocated for a “blended” approach for Sechelt as there are certain business, community, and infrastructure development projects that are unique to Sechelt that a function would be appropriate.

Impact: The Mayor, Council and Administration will be deliberating on the next steps over the next few months.

District of Sechelt Customer contact: Mr. Rob Bremner, Chief Administrative Officer +1 604-885-1986