Vancouver Island North Millwright Strategy Campbell River BC

North Millwright Strategy

Nature of the Work: Catalyst Paper Human Resources Executive determines that more than 60 millwrights would retire within a 5 year period leaving a gap in local labour market capabilities. The company approached the local economic development corporation led by Patrick Marshall to affect a solution.

Scope and Impact: Patrick Marshall canvassed all the major employers on Vancouver Island North and determined that there were shortages in the Forest, Mining, Marine, Tourism and Local Government sectors. He formed a Task Group, consulted with North Island College and determined that a rapid work up program was required. He built a business case for the partnership which was presented and funded by government. He also secured support from First Nation and labour organizations across industry jurisdictions. A series of programs exist and are on offer today.

North Island College Customer Contact: Norm Facey, former Executive +1 250 748-3711