Team “Metro”: Together Each Achieves More

Team “Metro”: Together Each Achieves More

Nature of the Project: There were six boroughs that made up the Metropolitan Toronto Regional Government in the time prior to the Greater Toronto Area merge. Patrick Marshall proposed and enabled the space in which six separate economic development organizations collaborated with Mr. Donald M. Baxter who served as the Commissioner of Economic Development for Metro Toronto.

Scope: Mr. Marshall was serving as the Director of Devepment Information for the City of North York, population 750,000. He was able to convince his senior management team and the Council to collaborate on a number of initiatives including the first Technology oriented missions into the US market, a combined specialty marketing program and a new business development strategy which had each Borough referring leads to each other.

Impact: The cumulative impact was linking portions of every organizations budgets to fulfill the strategic elements of the regional plan which included facilitating the first Convention and Conference for what was the North American Corporate Re;a Estate Executives Association organization, now known as CoreNet Global..

CoreNet Global